Prospective Services Consulting is a foresight consultancy that assists organisations to build thinking capacity and futures literacy. The future is created by individuals acting together with an aligned purpose, working with all industries, for profit and not-for-profit, we help build organisational culture and direction by facilitating the development of powerful, motivating, images of preferred futures, followed by a plan for present actions to achieve them.

We believe that foresight processes should precede strategic positioning or strategic planning exercises. Foresight allows for the future to be explored before action in the present is planned. In many organisations and communities, this does not occur, so ╩╗business as usual╩╝ is the output even when the intention may have been different.

To embed foresight in organisations, support to develop programs in innovation, customer experience, leadership and culture change is also available, use the future as a tool to assist your people to make their present more humane and purposeful.