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Seeding Futures Thinking ...


We offer a range of service for a range of needs for multiple clients groups -

Environmental Scanning Systems

We develop scanning capacity in individuals and organisations. We can assist individuals and teams to build their scanning activity. We build organisational scanning systems for emerging futures based on a depth understanding of the possible ways futures may play out. This delivers a comprehensive way to detect futures you may wish to move towards or prevent. Allowing organisations time to make strategic positioning decisions.

Scenario development

We utilise a range of scenario techniques that deliver either a learning and development process for a group or a product to provoke thinking. We will design a scenario process to deliver your requirements.

Preferred futures identification

Preferred futures are powerful ways to generate energy and enthusiasm in communities and organisations. Our experiential processes will allow people’s hopes to be spoken. We work with groups to assist them in developing compelling images of the future they wish to bring into being.

Capacity Building

Foresight is a thinking capacity that we have as an innate ability. It is the explicit use of this capacity and the building of an ability to apply it in organisational and community settings that is our focus.

Foresight Introductory workshops

What is foresight? How can I use it? These are common questions asked by many coming to us for the first time. Using engaging and participant driven techniques, we can introduce the idea of thinking about,and planning from, the future to your group, organisation or community.

Leadership development

As a leader, developing foresight is a core capacity of transformational leadership. Using the future to lead can be confronting, we can help to develop this capacity within established and developing leaders. Our mix of tehory, method and practice will support your leadership development.


We offer coaching in the continuing development of your foresight capacity.


Peter and Rowena are accomplished and experienced presenters. We present ways of thinking about the future and engage an audience around the challenges and opportunities to come. We do not speak on the ‘future of’, rather we challenge people with the idea of thinking differently.