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Seeding Futures Thinking ...

Strategic Futures Conversations

Does your organisations have emerging strategic issues?


Do you need to rank these issues according to their impact?


Does your organisation wish to generate conversational space to elicit the wisdom of your people?


Strategic Futures Conversations identifies those issues with the greatest impact for your organisation in the future. A conversational space is opened up to elicit the wisdom of your people, helping them develop a deep understanding of the future issues. Action planning then takes this understanding and translates it to points of leverage in the present.

Strategic Issues workshop

1 day workshop


What are the important issues and priorities for the organisation in the future?


Input data collection will take place to identify the issues most important for your organisation, and the possible impacts of these moving into the future. Counterintuitive thinking is used to check the robustness of the underlying assumptions.

Conversations in the round

half day workshop


The dynamics of themes are presented. Conversational spaces are set up to help participants understand the deep drivers of the issues and their impact upon the organisation. Identifying interconnection and overlap is a key outcome here.

Action Planning

half day workshop


Once the issues, impacts and interconnections are known, what will you do?


A half-day facilitated planning process to identify what by whom for each issue. Focus is on today and what will happen using the information about tomorrow to guide action.


The outcomes from the workshop can be used in a variety of ways, from informing a strategic planning process to investigating opportunities for your organisation.


Charged on a per head basis with a minimum of 10 participants. If the event is be held outside Melbourne, there will be an additional cost for the facilitation team’s travel, accommodation and meals.