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Integral Futures

Integral Scenarios Workshop

Are you looking to understanding of the importance and usefulness of an Integral view?


Do you wish to develop an appreciation of the role of the viewer in the creation of the future?


Do you capitalise on of the role worldviews and culture play in creating the future?


Do you know how to use an Integral environmental scanning technique?


Can you run an Integral scenario process?


If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions above, and you see this as a weakness of your scenario development process, this workshop is for you.


The workshop is divided into four parts: – Integral theory and its application to environmental scanning; understanding of self-structures; introducing worldviews; and the Integral scenarios process.


At the end of a two-day intensive workshop, a scenarios process is built upon the knowledge gained by immersion into the models and theory presented.


This workshop is suitable for organisations that already undertake scenario development and are looking to increase the effectiveness of their outputs, and those who have looking for a comprehensive way of interrogating the future.


Charged on a per head basis with a minimum of 10 participants. If the event is be held outside Melbourne, there will be an additional cost for the facilitation team’s travel, accommodation and meals.