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Seeding Futures Thinking ...

Engaging with the Future


Does your organisation have a wish to move beyond reacting to the future as it unfolds?


Would you like to create a future that ‘pulls’ your people towards a common goal?


Would you like to bring foresight into your planning process?


The move to anticipation and creation of the future comes with a deep immersion into the futures space.


The Foresight Immersion Workshop is a unique and original process that has been successfully run in a wide range of different organisations. Participants in this process have found the experience energising, inspirational and entertaining. In addition, the process engenders a strong sense of action in participants.


The quality of conversations that will arise in the futures space is unlike any other. Engaging people’s dreams and hopes, as well as sharing a deep understanding of fears, can move groups to achieve greatness.

Workshop Outline

This workshop operates over two days – 11am – 4pm on the first, and 9am – 1pm on the second. It is recommended that a shared meal be arranged for the evening of Day One to allow participants to continue the conversations started during the workshop.

Engaging with and exploring the future

During the first day participants engage with futures images and understand where they stand in relation to the future. A conversational space is opened up to discuss questions such as: What types of futures are there? What do I want the future to be?

Dinner as a conversation

A shared meal gives more space for participants to understand each other’s responses to the day.

Creating the future

The morning of the second day is spent doing activities that demonstrate how the people in your organisation can share the future and choose a future they want. A group planning session demonstrates how organisations can use the future as a strategic planning tool.


The outcomes from the workshop can be used in a variety of ways, from informing a strategic planning process to re-invigorating the vision and mission of your organisation.


Charged on a per head basis with a minimum of 10 participants. If the event is be held outside Melbourne, there will be an additional cost for the facilitation team’s travel, accommodation and meals.