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Seeding Futures Thinking ...

Hope, Entrepreneurship and Foresight




Hope Theory is a psychological theory which aims to explain why and how people move from identification of goals to pathways setting and action. Developed by Professor C.R Snyder, it identifies pathways thinking, agentic belief (willways) and goal identification as central to the development of Hope.


Research into Hope and Entrepreneurship has shown that successful entrepreneurs demonstrate higher Hope scores than others, and as such can expect many side benefits, from increased social satisfaction to better health outcomes. Both Entrepreneurship and Foresight hold an image or intention as central to the success of their endeavours. Hope Theory can inform both disciplines through its teasing out of pathways and willways thinking and the role these play in goal attainment. The intersection of Hope Theory, entrepreneurship and foresight has many interesting implications for both entrepreneurs and educators.


Paper submitted to ERE Entrepreneurship Exchange Auckland 2005