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Seeding Futures Thinking ...

Actionable Foresight

The elements of Actionable Foresight can be engaged with separately or as a whole.

Present need

An issue that is impacting your organisation and no effective strategy for dealing with it is known. This may be an opportunity or a threat. Clarification around what the issue is, surfacing assumptions about the issue and the future is useful at this stage.

Goal commitment

Committing to the preferred option and to the necessary steps that with bring the future into being. What are the present actions that will take you to the future you want?

Pathways thinking

Expanding the understanding of the present situation to viewpoints beyond the mundane and traditional. ʻOut of the boxʼ thinking, moving beyond what is known, being innovative and creative is nurtured at this stage. There are many processes that can be used to open up thinking and improve the robustness of this element.

Option generation

Designing possible strategies and options that address the present need. What pathways are available? What are the scenarios that might attach to these?